Celebration Events



Andrzej and Izabella’s 25th Anniversary
September 2019
Shakira’s Sweet 16
June 2019
Mr & Mrs Roldan – 6 Months Later
May 2019
James and Kristalyn in front of the NYC iconic downtownJames and Kristalyn’s Jack&Jill Bridal Shower
June 2019
Hanna Marie’s Baptism
March 2018
Nicholas George’s Greek Baptism
January 2018
Valerie’s Quinceanera
September 2016
Oscar’s Communion
May 2016
Victoria’s Communion
May 2016
Remington’s Communion
May 2015
communion princess
Gabi’s Communion
May 2015
Emily's Communion and The Tanzi Paparazzi
Emily’s Communion
May 2014